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"AddVenture is a cure for the crisis in the Russian start-up."


"AddVenture is a survival school for early stage businesses – it would either sober you up or take you under the wing."

"$50 млн за Delivery Club."


"I got my money back in 3 years with profit, as promised."

Andrei Romanenko, Qiwi founder


Max Medvedev
Max is responsible for the investment strategy of AddVenture funds and oversees operational business of the portfolio companies.
Pavel Terentiev
Pavel has more than 10 years of finance and investment banking experience and has been involved in landmark transactions in the Russian Internet and IT market over his career.

We really focus on details

Max Medvedev
Will ask a lot of questions about LTV, cohort, sales funnel, marketing channels, SaaS and their capacity, look closely at the points of growth and competence of the team.
Pavel Terentiev
Will drill down finance and legal structure, find many opportunities to optimize, and send you a term sheet if he likes you.

Superheroes in your team :)

Max Medvedev
Black belt in business strategy: makes the unit economy work with the help of star hunting, sales funnel optimization, assistance in operations and analytics.
Pavel Terentiev
Financial magician of the III level, chews over SHA of any complexity, makes a silk purse out of business.


Target market is more than $1 bln.
GSEA 2014 winner of the "Best Business Project" award.
A strong team led by Sergey Ashin (McKinsey, LBS, international experience).
Strong partners:
Afisha-Eda a French dietician Pierre Dukan
famous chefs: Yulia Vysotskaya (EdimDoma) EdimDoma


Team with the best expertise in the market and evangelists of the performance marketing.
SaaS clients include:
Ozon sony philips
litres Миц недвижомость ivi
Annual ad spend overseen by the service is US$100 million.
adventum mgcom imedia
realweb icontext arrowmedia


More than 10 mln households across Russia need regular cleaning.
Now having cleaning is as easy as booking a taxi.
Market leader, focus on delivering superior service quality that pays back with a high customer loyalty.
95% of the customers have responded "they do recommend" Qlean to their friends and beloved.


Market is over 500 bln RUB, online portion is just 3% (to be eaten up to 10% by 2020).
The unique value proposition – high quality, superior price & service, next day delivery.
Оборот за 2014г. более 2 млрд. рублей.
Full vertical integration ends up with healthy margins, lack of price competition and consistent product quality & delivery time.


Delivery-Club has grown 100x by the number of orders since the intial investment by Addventure.
The second largest full exit transaction in Russia with the international strategic player.
Media coverage of the Delivery-Club & Foodpanda transaction:


Компания лидер в сегменте онлайн, оборот за 2014 более 130 млн. рублей.
Online share is less than 1%, while online share in the US and Europe already accounts for 5 to 10%.
Jewelry market in Russia is more than 300 bln RUB.
Nebo is a vertical leader operating through dropshipping model => no investment in working capital, 70% of same day deliveries.


More than 12,000 doctors and 1,200 clinics joined as of the beginning of 2015.
Volume of the medical market in Moscow is 500 bln RUB, the share of spending on advertising is 10%.
More than 25,000 reviews from real customers.
The growth potential of the company's capitalization by 2020 is more than $100 mln.


Game developer and publisher.
More than 15 mln users, 3 rounds of investment, including prominent Western Europe venture firms.
In 2014, the game World of Walking Robots became a hit – it generated more than $1 mln per month.


Easyfinance is a platform that unites customers, banks and financial advisers.
5.4 bln RUB of available cash balances and savings seen through the platform.
Aggregated personal income of the platform users approaches 60 bln RUB.
EasyFinance is the best solution to manage personal finances (according to the "Financial Advisor" magazine).
EasyFinance is a winner of numerous competitions
InvestHK FinTech Award FinTech Russia 2014 FinNext 2013 Chain


Платформа для создания интернет-магазинов "под ключ" (каталог, прием платежей).
Инструменты управления бэкофисом продаж (ведение клиентов, товарный, складской и финансовый учет).
Инструменты управления продвижением в интернете (SEO, яндекс.маркет).
В 2011г Insales был успешно продан холдингу Allegro, IRR более 60% годовых.


Altergeo - аналог Foursquare. Платформа гибридного позиционирования Altergeo позволяет узнать местоположение на любом мобильном устройстве, оснащенном WiFi, GSM или GPS-чипсетами со средней точностью 15-20 метров.
Для пользователей Altergeo - это социальный сервис для общения и навигации в городских условиях: определение местоположения, поиск мест, друзей, маршрутов.
В 2011г в капитал Altergeo вошли фонды Intel Capital и Almaz Capital


Investment focus

AddVenture invests in vibrant entrepreneurs and strong teams that were able to accept the risk: launched the project on their own, tested business model on the ground and ready to build up a billion business.

Marketplace (aggregators)

The aggregator business model has long proven in the market: Booking, Opentable, Grubhub, AirBnB, LendingClub Thumbtack and so on. We do believe in it and are looking for similar businesses in other verticals.


We prefer 3 segments: digital eCommerce, marketplaces / dropshippers, and vertically integrated eCommerce.

Uber-like mechanics

In many verticals, the winner is the one who controls the "last mile" to the customer and is perceived as a service: uber, airbnb, homejoy & handy

SaaS & Marketing tools

We believe in a huge uptake of the online marketing tools, starting from basic CRM solutions to a mono-services like online chats, email retargeting, the return of abandoned baskets, cross & upsell mechanics, performance marketing solutions and many others.

Consumer web & mobile

We are open to consider b2c projects in other segment as well, with a special focus on mobile.

Basic conditions

  • A large addressable market and a space to build a player worth $100 mln and more
  • Strong team committed to the business
  • Model being proven internationally
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Statistics for investors

AddVenture is essentialy a combination of private smart money, business angels and the experienced management team.


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Karpov Venture Awards

Sergey Karpov
Sergei is much more than a reliable partner, he is our close friend who would always remain in our hearts and memories.
About the award
Every year, on October 29th, we will choose one promising startup. This award is an opportunity to get scrutinized by the venture capital industry leaders in an informal way and to win a cash prize of $10 000

Award panel:

Andrei Romanenko
Andrei Romanenko
Ilya Balandin
Sergei Azatyan
Alexander  Konopliasty
Alexander Konopliasty

Reputable publications write about us:

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